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Saved Logins

You may use the "Save Login" checkbox to store your login information as a "persistent cookie" in your browser. Saving your login information allows you to skip entering your username and password when entering the CRM application, as long as you use the same computer and browser that the login information was stored on.

What information is stored?

The only information stored is your login and password, the same as if you were entering them yourself. No other details or personal information are stored. The saved information is encrypted for security purposes.

Can the saved information be removed?

If you have chosen to save your login information, it may be removed at any time by logging out of the application (click the "Sign Out" link in the upper right corner) and clicking the "Forget Saved Login" button.

My saved login stopped working. How come?

Since the saved login is for a specific login and password it will no longer work if one of these is changed. If your username or password has been updated, enter the new combination and check the "Save Login" box again to re-save the new information.

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